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Structure Network

Structure Network

Patch Panel

Patch panels provide space-saving, high-density cable connections. Using patch panels as part of a structured cabling system lowers maintenance costs and reduces installation and configuration errors. Fiber patch panel and copper patch panel are used in patching fiber and copper cables respectively.

Horizontal Cable Manager

Horizontal cable managers allow neat and proper routing of the patch cables from equipment in racks and protect cables from damage. If you are using flat-faced patch panels or network switches that cable from above or below, horizontal cable manager will complete the support pathway for patch cords between the cabling section and the exact connection port on the patch panel or switch. Alternately, horizontal cable management can be used to create rack-to-rack pathways for patch cords.

Cable Tie & Cable Label

Cable tie and cable label are also important accessories for rack cable management, but many people seem to ignore this job. The cable ties with different color code and cable labels can help you quickly manage the cabling and achieve easy troubleshooting. In rack application, Velcro ties are more popular than zip tie, because they can reduce the cable damage and have the ability to be reused over and over again.

Installed Network Rack

Network Rack Documentation

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